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The teachings of a podcast

As Jeff and I set out on this journey to build an investigative podcast into what makes successful people, well, successful, we’ve uncovered some pretty amazing nuances along the way. We have conversations where we are constantly Exposing the Elephant in the room. We then asked ourselves why we only seem to have these deep conversations with certain people. Why don’t we get these topics out there for world to hear and share? The powers of the universe are in full effect, so sit down as I share with you what we’ve discovered.

Before I dive in completely, what we love about the show is the reoccurring themes that make our guests the Masters of their domains. While that would seem to make for boring commentary as time goes on, quite the opposite has come to light. Even though the tenants of success seem to be uncommonly common amongst these great minds and high performers, each and everyone of their journeys is different. The “How” and the “Why” of their respective experiences that lead to their eventual mentality of abundance is what make each episode unique and simultaneously entertaining.

Overtime, we’ve found that our audience is indeed has a niche. Using the Richard Koch definition of the 80/20 Principle, they are the “20 Percenters” that create 80% of the productivity. This podcast is for them, and anyone who aspires to be a “20 Percenter”. Why? Because they simply get it. These people have done enough introspection, have done enough deep work, are close enough to their 10,000 hours of mastery, to understand the inherent value that our guests bring to the table. They are decision makers. They do not waiver on price, when value has been established appropriately. Above all else, the conversations we have on Feed Me Fuel Me, are conversations that they participate in with other “20 Percenters” each and every time they cross paths.

1) A Daily Ritual: Not synonymous with a daily routine, as these people seem to live rather abstract lives, not necessarily tied to to the confines of time, regiment or routine. They repeat the same small activity that puts them in the most productive state possible to attack the objectives of any given day. Common amongst these rituals are breathing exercises, physical training of some sort, journaling, repetition of an empowering mantra, and book-ending each day by writing down short and long term goals. Without fail, these activities occur each and every day.

2) Mentors: While many of our guests find themselves in a leadership role somehow, someway, they consciously seek the guidance of those that have done what they do better, sooner, or more efficiently. Our guests have made a deliberate effort to make themselves the proverbial “dumbest person in the room”. They express enough humility and self-awareness to know that they will forever have room to grow. Mentors are the people that have accomplished success in a similar field or in similar capacity that more or less recognize potential, take you under their wing, and provide some clarity as you continue the path. I differentiate coaches and mentors intentionally. Mentors come into your life through professional and personal acquaintance. They are paying it forward by putting the abundance they have received back into the world.

3) Coaches: Something extremely profound that, really, makes all the sense in the world coming from my athletic background, is the concept of coaches having coaches. The ego beligerent in proclaiming if you are going to tell the Universe that you are a leader, a coach, a mentor, that you indeed know it all by virtue of experience and/or education. Should you succumb to this obnoxious rhetoric, you have stunted your own growth, and any potential for sustained success simply dies. When it comes to coaching, however, they are sought after. You hire them, for a specific purpose, for a specific period of time, for specific price. Coaches are the people that hold you accountable, and objectively call you on your bullshit when you start trying to buy your own excuses. Their time, insight, and objectivity is extremely valuable to them, and they do not waste a single moment on people or things, which do not intend to increase productivity and value.

4) Lack of Labels: Nothing is good or bad. It simply is, and then you have to make a decision. This thought process provides immense clarity, and makes life extremely objective. Adversity is not bad, it forces growth. Mistakes, or rather lessons you desperately needed to learn as our guests would frame them, are only negative when repeated. When life happens to us, or because of us, in these instances we must quickly categorize the circumstances as (a) it is within our power to make a significant change, or (b) there is nothing that can be done in the here and now, let’s move on and continue to be productive with the items in category (a).

5) Humility and Gratitude: Above all else, our guests on the Feed Me Fuel Me Podcast are extremely humble, even in their expression of confidence and expertise. They acknowledge that nothing in this life happens to them. Contrarily, everything about their circumstance happened because of them. They recognize the amount of growth required to view life from their vantage point. They understand that if they ever feel as if they have “arrived”, that signifies the beginning of the end. Most importantly though, they appreciate the journey, as it is indeed what has lead them to their current place.

6) Abundance: Lastly, our guests live life with an abundance mentality. They actively seek and value deep, meaningful relationships. They give far more than they receive. They work in their creative genius and surround themselves with others who are excelling at doing the same. They have repurposed, not reinvented, systems that allow them freedom of movement to facilitate maximal productivity. Ultimately, this profound abundance mentality creates a state of happiness in which keeps you balanced as you traverse the peaks and valleys of life. What results is a quality life experience where you are so present in a given moment that 5 minutes of your time is just as significant as 5 hours, if not more.

These are the people Jeff and I aspire to emmulate. These are the stories you’ll hear on our show. These are the people you’ll be surrounded by in my gym and at the Feed Me Fuel Me Summit in June of 2017! We are forever grateful of this platform to share these stories of abundance. Furthermore, we are honored to join them on their journey, and just as humbled to have them as a part of ours.


Great post! Can’t wait for the summit!

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