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What Phase 1 is All About

On the strength and conditioning side of the house, we build in phases. Each phase is designed to stimulate a particular physical response. This response is optimized and enhanced when you throw quality nutrition and adequate rest into the equation.

Phase 1, which we just completed is designed to get the body re-trained and conditioned to a consistent training stimulus. The movements weren’t incredibly difficult, however, the challenge came by incrementally adding more weight to each working set each and every week. By implementing a progressive overload, your muscles are forced to adapt and respond by doing two things: first, recruiting more fibers to move the load, and second, growing in size so that each fiber is more capable of generating more force.

Congratulations on completing Phase 1!!! Now its on to Phase 2, where we’ll meet a different challenge and force our muscles into a state of hypertrophy, and force them to not only get stronger, but build in mass as a result.

Keep chasing the PUMP! Stay the course, and crush your goals!!


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